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Hi I'm Laurie and we have Lucy, our cocker spaniel living with us.  It's great being situated near the centre of town - only a 5-minute walk. We enjoy walking down to the market on a Saturday morning and trolling all the local stalls and shops or checking out any of the events that are on every weekend in Whanganui.  

Tourist attractions, school events, theatres, museums, artist's studios, galleries, annual events, sports events, our own riverboats,  festivals, cafes & restaurants, parks & gardens - Whanganui has it all and only a 5-minute drive to anywhere in town, guaranteed to make your stay with us a memorable one.

We have radiators in every room, warming us through the Winter and a sunny terrace for afternoon drinks in summer.

We have a temperate client in Whanganui, so most of the bad weather goes around us here.  This makes for lovely days.

Whanganui has been working on extensive cycleways.  

The cycle path extends from Castlecliff right up to Upokongaro (you can grab a coffee at either end). If you want a shorter ride you can cross two or three bridges over the river, for a nice loop.

We have two bicycles for your use.


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